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       At Red Plantation, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional products and services to our valued customers. But don't just take our word for it! We believe that the best way to showcase the quality and satisfaction of our offerings is through the words of our delighted customers. We are excited to share with you some heartfelt customer reviews that highlight their experiences with Red Plantation. From their testimonials, you'll gain insights into the exceptional level of service, product quality, and overall satisfaction that we strive to deliver. So, let's dive into these glowing reviews and hear directly from our satisfied customers!

Laura L. M. Laura L. M. 
Fun place to go, either just to wander around and get inspired, or a go-to destination when in search for the perfect present. There's a little bit of everything, from clothing to jewelry, to small furnitures, antique and vintage trinkets. Nice selection of scented candles and popourri, and different types of ceramic pots, planters, vases...

I added looooots of photos, take a virtual look around! But be sure to visit if you're ever in Poulsbo!
Amy Conrad-Smith Amy Conrad-Smith  
I absolutely love love love this store. It fulfills all my needs. I love the variety. I love that there’s old things and new things. I LOVE THE LIVE SHOPPING on Thursday nights. I’m completely addicted. My house is filled with awesome pieces I’ve purchased here. All the vendors are booth filling magicians. Seriously, the stuff in this store! Especially from the owner Gabrielle. Everyone is so nice and the drive is beautiful and Poulsbo is just lovely. I will forever be a devoted fan. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michael A. Brown Michael A. Brown  
One of my favorite shops in Poulsbo. Great selections of antiques, always something new. Staff is wonderful.
Sharla Peterson Sharla Peterson  
Great selection to give your home a fresh look, or find a fun gift!
Christa H Christa H  
I always find a little something special here! Prices are decent and the staff is always fun. I'd go once a week if it was closer😁.
Krystal vancura Krystal vancura  
This is THE BEST vintage store of all time! They have amazing merchandise at super affordable prices and the staff are, hands down...the greatest people you will ever meet!!! The live weekly sales events make my week and I just love them! If you haven't been here, do yourself a favor and go asap.
Heather Day Heather Day  
Wonderful store! Always a wide variety of new and vintage decor and furniture. The owner brings in antique treasures from Europe while also offering reproduction items to get that modern farmhouse look just right! Several different vendors make up the store, so no matter what your style, you’re sure to find plenty to love.
Laurie Mayfield Laurie Mayfield  
Wonderful shop with a rustic decor flair... lots of amazing Christmas decorations right now too during their Winter of Wonder Celebration
You wont be disappointed... so many great items to choose from... I spent 2 hours pucking out the perfect items for my vacation house!
Stephanie Cannon Stephanie Cannon  
I have shopped at this store since it opened! This is hands down my favorite store in Kitsap County when it comes to vintage, one of a kind finds. The prices are great too. The owner is amazing, very knowledgeable and friendly. I can't recommend this store enough. Love stopping through when I'm in Poulsbo.
Kelly Eisenhood Kelly Eisenhood  

Red Plantation and their Facebook Live auctions have been my quarantine entertainment! In a time where we have all felt so secluded, it has given us a sense of community again. So cool getting together for some great fun and it has allowed me to add some fantastic touches to my home in the process. Love the virtual shopping experience from the comfort of my own home and I’m so grateful for the flexibility of being able to go in and pick up my auction items whenever it’s convenient for me. They have gained a lifelong customer in me.
Jessica Prevost Jessica Prevost 
My favorite store ever, found a super cute hutch for a really good deal! Staff is very friendly and helpful!! Love seeing all of the unique and quirky antique items!
Isabel Quinton Isabel Quinton 
The Red Plantation has tons of vendors and a constantly changing showcase of
great vintage, reclaimed, and retail items. Always great to support local businesses, and they can ship and deliver! Located in the heart of downtown Poulsbo, it's super fun to shop around! Every vendor is very nice and hardworking, if you've ever been to a vintage show, this store is like that but always open with it's own special events!
Pat Larson Pat Larson  
As the quarantine restrictions are. Starting to ease, I feel very strongly that we should support our local small businesses. Stop by here and visit the many vendors that are nestled under one roof . There is an a. Azing assortment of. Goods, both new and gently loved by prior owners. A treasure trove waiting to be explored.
Laurel Hoffman Laurel Hoffman  
This store was amazing. It's filled with repurposed antiques. I could have easily spent more money here...however we were from out of state and they don't easily ship any items. The staff was friendly and she even contacted the individual seller on our behalf regarding a piece we wanted shipped. Unfortunately, that seller was given our contact information to make shipping arrangements and never got in touch with us. Lovely store though and all of the furniture was amazing.

I would like to thank Gabrielle and all of the staff at Red Plantation for the amazing community they have built. My friends and I live in Seattle and we rented an Airbnb in Kingston several years ago. We decided to spend an afternoon in Poulsbo and walked into The Red Plantation…we were thrilled!!! We all were fixed on these huge, wooden, carved pumpkins that had Post- it notes on them. I sprinted to the desk because I HAD TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE PUMPKINS!!!! They were “sold out on the ‘lives’” I was told. From that moment on I have watched every Thursday at 5:30pm. I have it blocked on my calendar! The small town feel coupled with a friendly intimacy and incredible finds make this my favorite place to support small businesses.

I have expressed my appreciation to so many friends that are enjoying hot sales with me!!!

During the pandemic my anxiety rose, sadness and depression built. Watching Thursday night Lives with the group at RP has been a weekly highlight for me!!! I did and do look forward to Thursday Lives, they make me so happy!!! I still want one of those huge, wooden, carved pumpkins though 

Thank you again ❤